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SAQA Manuals

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The Unit Standards listed below are specifically aimed at the SAQA 49077 (61591) End User Computing qualification. However, Unit Standards can be purchased separately and used in any way that suits your training facility. Additional Unit Standards which do not form part of the mentioned qualification are also available. Please contact us for more information. All Let’s Do It! SAQA manuals are approved by MICT Seta.
We do have other material available which are SAQA Approval ready material, please contact us for more info on that.

The following manuals are available for each unit standard / subject:

1. Learner Guide
2. Learner Workbook
3. Facilitator Guide
4. Assesment Guide

A Moderator Guide as well as a Protfolio of Evidence are also available. 

Electronic files (for activities) are provided on a flash disk.