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ICDL Manuals

ICDL Accredited Manuals

PLEASE NOTE: When placing an order for any ICDL courseware, a valid profile number or ICDL Centre Registration number must be supplied. If a valid number cannot be supplied, a profile will have to be purchased along with the courseware. The cost of each profile is R350 (excl. VAT). Profiles can be ordered from Let’s Do It! or directly from ICDL Africa.

ICDL Base Modules

Please note that the prices shown are exclusive of VAT and courier costs.

When placing an order with us, the following conditions will apply:

1. The full invoice amount is payable prior to delivery unless otherwise arranged.
2. Delivery costs are for the account of the client unless otherwise arranged.
3. Let’s Do It! has a no returns policy on manuals, we keep minimum stock and print on demand to keep the cost lower for our students.
4. For customised manuals, a 50% deposit is payable before commencement of any work and the balance prior to delivery
5. The ICDL Base Plus consists of the following modules: Computer Essentials, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Online Essentials, Using Databases and Presentation. The ICDL Base Plus is sold as two volumes. (See info about individual manuals in next section.)